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Only Jefferson Parish residents can apply for the Jefferson Parish Assisted Evacuation Assessment Registry

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Oxygen Dependent - I understand I need to bring enought oxygen to support my needs during travel

Insulin Dependent Diabetic - I understand I need to bring enough insulin to support my needs during travel

Daily Tube Feedings (If checked please bring pump and formula for five days)

Daily Wound Care - Do you require special isolation or quarantine. Bring all supplies needed.

Manual/Electric Wheelchair Walker or Cane Unable to walk 
Hearing Impaired   Blind with a Guide Dog Stroke/Brain Injury
Portable Ventilator  Suction Machine Apnea Monitor
Bedridden CPAP/BIPAP Contracted
Paralysis Dialysis Unable to sit Upright
Daily IV Meds    Central Line  

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PETS: All pets must have the require vaccinations. Owners are responsible for the pet's Medication, Collars and Leashes.

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Voluntary Submission Notice:

The Jefferson Parish Special Needs registry in no way replaces the responsibility of individuals to have their own emergency plan.

I am submitting this information voluntarily.

I give Jefferson Parish authorization to maintain and share this information with local support agencies and State of Louisiana and Federal Emergency Management/Homeland Security Agencies for use only in the event of an emergency. 

During such emergency, I am giving local emergency personnel permission to enter my home, if necessary, to assure my safety and welfare.

 I have read and understood the voluntary submission notice

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