Part 1:  Client Information 

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   Only Jefferson Parish residents can apply for the Jefferson Parish Assisted Evacuation Assessment Registry

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Do you have a Medical Service Animal?YesNo   Type:  

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   PETS: All pets must have the required vaccinations.  Owners are responsible for the pet's medication, collars and leashes.

If you plan to have your pet evacuated please provide the necessary information:

Name of Pet

Type of Pet


Pet Needs/Marking

Special Needs -  The following information will help us provide appropriate transportation and medical care if needed during and assisted evacuation. 

Do you have transportation?      YES NO

If transportation is needed, can you handle steps on a bus? YES NO

If not will you need a wheelchair lift? YES NO

  Can you transfer from mobility scooter or wheelchair to a standard vehicle seat? YESNO
  Can you sit in a wheelchair and hold your own weight of your body? YESNO
 Part 2: Medical Needs Transportation: 
MEDICAL NEEDS: (check those that apply)
Manual Wheelchair/Electric Wheelchair
Walker or Cane ( walks with assistance:)
Other - If checked, please specify equipment:           
Oxygen Dependent - I understand I need to bring enough oxygen to support my needs during
Insulin Dependent Diabetic - I understand I need to bring enough insulin to support my needs
     during travel
Hearing Impaired
Blind with a Guide Dog?
Daily Wound Care - Do you require special isolation or quarantine?
Daily Tube Feedings (If checked please bring pump and formula for five days)
Other Medical
SPECIAL NEEDS:(check those that apply)
Suction Machine                                          
Portable Ventilator                                      
Central Line                                                 
Unable to walk                                              
Unable to sit upright                                                                 
Cardiac Disease         
 Daily IV Meds                                    
 Oxygen Dependent (24 hours )                                     
 Apnea Monitor                                       
Stroke/Brain Injury

Please bring list of current medications including name, dosage and how often  you take the medicine along with a seven (7) to ten (10) day supply.



Please bring a list of all current treating physicians including name, address, phone number, and type of hospital affiliation

Transportation to a shelter needed: YesNo
                  Check needs:
                                            Wheelchair Van
In the event of disaster, please check one of the following:
Staying at home - Staying with relatives or friends
Public Shelter - Needs can be met in a non-medical facility
Special Needs Shelter - Requires special monitoring and assistance

Other information that you think we at Jefferson Parish will need to know about?


Voluntary Submission Notice:

The Jefferson Parish Special Needs registry in no way replaces the responsibility of individuals to have their own emergency plan.


I am submitting this information voluntarily.


I give Jefferson Parish authorization to maintain and share this information with local support agencies and State of Louisiana and Federal Emergency Management/Homeland Security Agencies for use only in the event of an emergency. 


During such emergency, I am giving local emergency personnel permission to enter my home, if necessary, to assure my safety and welfare.


  I have read and understood the voluntary submission notice
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Relationship to above individual:
Personal Care Assistant that will be accompanying you to the Special Needs Shelter:
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