Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I view my account details without registering?
Yes, you can view account details if you have your water bill account number and your water bill customer number. Both of those numbers can be found on your water bill. Click on the "Limited Access" button on the utility billing home page:
How can I change my primary or secondary email address and other registration information?
After logging in to your account, click the "Update Profile" button. You can then change the e-mail addresses where notifications will be sent. You can also change your contact phone number, payment method, and your frequency for receiving e-bill notifications.
How can I change my password?
After logging in to your account, click the "Change Password" button. Enter the old password, the new password twice, then click the "Submit" button.
How can I cancel this service and begin receiving paper bills in the mail?
After logging in to your account, click the "Remove Account" button, then cick the "Remove" link next to the account you wish to remove from online service. You will receive a paper bill on the next billing cycle. However, any bills outstanding at the time that you remove the account will not be sent
Can I set up more than one water account under the same login?
Yes, you can manage multiple water accounts under the same login. You simply click the "Add Account" button.
Can I pay my water bill with a credit card or debit card? 
Yes, just note that a convenience fee will be added to each transaction. 
Are there any fees for paying my water bill online?
Not if you use a checking or savings account.
If I move to another Jefferson Parish location do I have to set up my new account for online payment?
Yes, you would simply remove the old account using the "Remove Account" button, then add the new one using the "Add Account" button. Be sure to update your registration information if anything changed, such as your phone number.